In the past, I have written articles about Toastmaster members that have received a trophy or plaque in their advancement of their communication and leadership skills. In the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to write about someone who gives without asking “what’s in it for me”. So this time this article is being written about a Toastmaster who hasn’t received any trophies or plaques recently and deserves recognition for his dedication, commitment and constant support in helping others by making a difference in their lives and giving them the foundation for effective communication and leadership skills. He is the founder of Lincoln-Way Toastmasters and Frankfort resident, Thaddeus Gray.

Thad founded Lincoln-Way Toastmasters in September of 2001.  He receives no monetary compensation, but obviously this group compensates him in other ways since I have not known him to skip one meeting. What really impresses me is Thad’s ability to encourage through slight nudges and pushes, encouraging you to reach a potential that you dream of but that he sees possible. Because of Thad there are many more competent communicators and leaders walking around. He has paved the way for Toastmaster members to grow and accomplish more than they thought possible.

Thaddeus Gray, Founder of Lincoln-Way Toastmasters
Thaddeus Gray, Founder of Lincoln-Way Toastmasters

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